Everything landscapes

By Cranach, Hans – Travel’s sketch

By Derain – Sketch of a landscape

By Dürer – Fisherman’s house on a lake, near Nuremberg

By Cozens – Landscape with a distant mountains

By Avery – Spring Forest

By Lowry – Drawing of Parton

By Cézanne – The ‘Trois Sautets bridge’

By Da Vinci – Landscape near Pisa

By Jongkind – Unknown title

By Constable – A view in Derbyshire

By Corot – Study of Souvenir of Mortefontaine

By Rembrandt – Unknown title

By Fragonard – Stairs in a park

By Giacometti – Mountains and lake in Val Bregaglia

By Lorrain – Pine tree and hamlet in the countryside

By Friedrich – Ruins of the Wolgast Castle

By Cozens – A man seated on a hillock under a tree

By Rohlfs – Ascona

By Poussin – Corner of a wood

By Masson – ‘Montserrat’ (Sawed Mountain)

By Palmer – Landscape

By Dufy – Ulysses’ harbour. (Sicily)

By Lorrain – Heroic landscape

By Harpignies – Landscape

By Dürer – The mill

By Fragonard – Fountain near of Tivoli

By Lowry – FrancisTerrace (Salford)

By Dufy – The beautiful summer

By Constable – Cottages on a high bank

By Friedrich – Moonrise

By Corot – Unknown title

By Cézanne – Sketch of a landscape

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