Plants, trees, botanical and still life

By Kupka, František – Woman picking flowers

By Matisse – Tahitian hat’s still life

By Mackintosh – Cactus

By Van Gogh – Drawing blossoming branches

By Kalho, Frida – Untitled Small Life

By Cézanne – Study of a tree

By Lichtenstein – Still life with lemons

By Constable – An oak tree in a hayfield

By Rodchenko – Tea cup and tray

By Gris – Still life with bottle and funnel

By Lorrain – Oak trees wood and herders

By Balthus – Still life of the kitchen

By Sutherland – Composition

By Quost, Ernest – Camellias and rhododendrons

By Goncharova, Natalia S. – Composition with trees

By Bosch, Hieronymus – The Tree Man

By Mondrian – Red chrysanthemum

By Picasso – Inside the Villa La Californie

By Tiepolo, Giovanni D. – Study of vase

By Matisse – Flowers

By Monet – Poplars on the Epte at the Marsh of limit

By Ray, Man – Mail tree

By Snyders – A still life of dead game, fruit, an artichoke, a lobster and a boar’s head in a tureen

By Carracci – Trees beside a hem of a water path

By Pissarro – Autumn trees

By Lichtenstein – Still life with bananas, grape, cup, canvas, mirror and curtain

By Barocci – Plants above an eroded bank

By Da Vinci – Study of a tree

By Corbusier – Still life with guitar

By Dufy – Nosegay of anemones

By Friedrich – Study of a kind of fir

By Boccioni, Umberto – Still life with bottle on a table

By Cézanne – Still life with green melon

By Pisanello – Studies of flowers

By Rivera – Still life

By Aldrovandi – Specimens of nature

By Bodmer, Carl – Sketches of several plants

By Wu Changshuo – Plants and flowers

By Constable – Study of ash and other trees

By Matisse – Still life on a table and a picture in the background

By Balthus – Still life

By Girtin – Studies of cypress trees

By Quost, Ernest – View of a garden with a foreground massive gladiolus

By Anonymous (18th century) – Lily

By Van Gogh – Spoon, bowl and dish

By Lorrain, Claude – Study of trees

By Balthus – Unknown title

By Hong-Ren – Unknown title

By Bantzer, Carl – Drawing of the forest edge

By myself – Young cypresses swang by wind beside a bench



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4 responses to “Plants, trees, botanical and still life

  1. I love your work! You are very talented.

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    • Aww Diane, I apologize for my delay. Just now I’m replying comments of my blog, some made a month ago because I was so busy and I waited my holidays for a nice answer. Your comment makes me happy. You’re so kind, thanks a lot, dear!

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