Help!! My little old lady dilemma.



I live in a block of flats and one of my many neighbours is an elderly woman (approximately 83 years in age).

So, One day (3 months ago) I was returning home with my son from his nursery and I could see a familiar elderly lady standing aimlessly outside the flat entrance or maybe the word I’m looking for is confused (she looked very confused), clutching onto a blue rubber bag, the type you get from the fish market when you buy an ounce of prawns, except it looked as though there were a couple of documents in this ‘sacred’ rubber bag.

I recognised her by her hunched back and fairly frail frame. It was a cold blustery day and she looked so alone, I just wanted to hug her! I could see her head scarf blowing erratically against the motion of the violent wind. I briskly walked over to…

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  1. mmerce60

    Nice drawing!


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