Lynn Steiner - Artist

Finished number 9 in my Back in Time series http://lynnsteiner-artist.com/back-in-time-series/

I was back at it after a short break to consider and plan the next few paintings. Painting like a true weekend warrior, between chores, only fitting that I call this one “Chores”. Special Thanks to my friend Mark Tessier for the use of his outstanding photo to use as reference!

I remembered to take process photos again. Little does the public know how many times we plan, thumbnail, sketch, block in, paint, wipe out, paint again, change our minds, add something, take something out, call it done…call it not done, and finally sign our name. 😅

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7 responses to ““Chores”

  1. There’s a nice movement in the painting. Such a lovely pose.

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  2. Lovely! I appreciate your process photos, as well. 🕊

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  3. crystalandquills18

    that’s beautiful…

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  4. Enchanting. Thanks for showing us all the preparation steps.

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