By Grien, Hans Baldung – Head of Saturn

By Cézanne – Study of Cupid and Centaur, two apples and a bather

By Tintoretto – Study of a statue of Atlas

By Carracci – Bacchante for the Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne

By Rodin – Sisyphus

By Dürer – Asclepius with a glass and snake

By Rubens – Venus lamenting Adonis

By Delacroix – Apollo in his chariot

By Tiepolo – Psyche transported to Olympus

By anonymous – Saturn to one of their children

By Poussin – A young Bacchus

By Fantin Latour – The toilet of Venus

By Corinth – The Rape of Europa

By Ingres – Study for ‘Paphos Venus’

By Heckel – Phoenix (Soaring bird)

By Picasso – Deïaneira and Nessus

By Lorrain, Claude – Classical landscape with Pegasus and mythological figures

By Guercino – Venus, Cupid and Mars

By Cellini – Apollo

By Da Vinci – Venus and Cupid

By Boucher – Venus

By Franceschini, Baldassare Il Volterrano – Aeolus supported by the winds

By Le Brun – Supported by a satyr Silenus

By Waterhouse, John William – Drawing for Boreas

By Carracci, Lodovico – Hercules and the Hydra

By Dürer – Death of Orpheus

By Van Dyck – Diana and Endymion

By Primaticcio – June waking up the dreams

By Delacroix Children of Niobe killed by Diana

By Tiepolo, Giandomenico – A family of Satyrs in a kitchen

By anonymous of the Italian School (17th century). Apollo playing the lyre on Mountain Parnassus for the muses

By Raphael – Leda and the Swan

By Rubens – Sleep Pan

By Ribera – Bacchus scene with satyrs, cupids, and a donkey braying

By Fantin Latour – Abandoned Ariadne

By Poussin – Hyacinth and Apollo

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