By Velázquez – Portrait of a girl

By Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille (Attributed) – Two studies of young boys

By Carracci – The head of a lad seen in profile

By Greuze – Portrait study of a child

By Van Gogh – Baby in a carriage

By Da Vinci – A bust of a child from the front and back

By Anonymous – Child’s head

By Puvis de Chavannes – Naked girl kneeling in a landscape, picking flowers

By Picasso – The toilette of the child

By Lowry – Little girl

By Da Caravaggio, Polidoro – Study of a sleeping child and hands

By Parmigianino – Face of a lad

By Klimt – Study for the three ages

By Bantzer, Carl – Two children

By Mantegna – Naked children playing with masks

By Del Sarto – Portrait of a child seen in profile

By Luks – Seated boy

By Rego, Paula – Flying children

By Watteau – Two studies of the head and shoulders of a little girl

By Guercino – Caricature of a lad with hat

By Dürer – Portrait of a girl

By Pontormo – Child seated on a wall

By Holbein, the Younger – Study for a group portrait of an english family

By Valadon, Suzanne – Maurice Utrillo as a boy, drying up the back

By Anonymous – Child naked lying on the ground

By Carracci – An naked and reclining boy

By Da Vinci – Child’s head three quarters to right

By Puvis de Chavannes – Naked child asleep

By Greuze – A woman with two children sitting in front of her

By myself – Standing child with beach towel and sun hat from the rear

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