By Moore, Henry – Mother and child

By Schiele, Egon – A little girl with her mother

By Utamaro, Kitagawa – Woman breastfeeding her son

By Cassatt, Mary – In the tram

By Rops, Félicien – Untitled

By Valadon, Suzanne – Standing woman washes the neck of a girl

By Kitaj, R. B. – A pregnant woman on a hammock

By Haring, Keith – The blue baby

By Rembrandt – Two sketches of a baby sucking from the tits of his mother

By Disney, Walter – Preparatory sketch of the little elephant Dumbo in front a cell greets his mother



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6 responses to “Maternity

  1. suzanne valadon and mary cassat: my favorite! i love impressionists women and i also post an article about s. valadon!
    really good images, as usually

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  2. elisabethm

    I’m going for Disney today, very sweet. Although the Rembrandt (being Dutch) and the Schiele also caught my attention. 🐘

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    • Aww Elisabeth, you have a real passion for the strokes and me too. So true, the Disney one is so sweet and I like this feature far than his famous cartoons. The works made by Schiele and by Rembrandt are two splendid examples for demonstrate that in great art, it doesn’t matter the verisimilitude because the important thing are the powerful and expressive lines. Thanks for your expert comment. Good night, have a nice rest ❤

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  3. Aww, Mary Cassatt and sweet baby Dumbo. I enjoyed all of your examples. Hugs, Robin 👣💐

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