Enjoy this new stage !

HI SISTERS ! Since some days ago, maybe you realized a short text script below the header image of this site that says: “& Women’s World“. Also there is a bit change in colour, now more violet o purple.

I never knew what’s the reason, but 90% of followers on this blog are women. So my gratitude through this blog should focus to you.

Likely your interest in makeup and clothes, but mainly your passion for reading, traveling, for visit museums, etc, should be the main reasons of your leading and protagonism in following matters of Art. In your lives, you often are engaged or simply worried about colours, lines and shapes. Much more than men, that seem too busy with sports or motor subjects and they seem abandon the interest and their commanding role after a lot of centuries with unjust advantages.

Hereinafter among the usual posts dedicated to the topics for the sketches or drawings in this blog, you also will could find some new stuff that I hope you will like. Mainly because you can collaborate with your personal contributions or suggestions. Here is the email address:


As ever I’m so thankful for your loyalty and enjoy !


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2 responses to “Enjoy this new stage !

  1. Interesting that women are your primary readers. Looks like art is “gendered” feminine in our culture. Look forward to seeing what’s next.

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    • Dear Georgia. I’m pleased because times are changing the roles.I’m so hopeful for the new power to women. I always was disappointed what the establishment waited from me as a man. And I’m not a gay, but since a long time ago, I didn’t like be forced to be an standard man and with his typical behaviour. This thought makes me absolutely empathic with women that are feeling something similar. Thanks for your comment. xoxo ❤


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