Sketchers too (the writers)

By Baudelaire, Charles – Self-portrait standing with top hat

By Hugo, Victor – Castle of Santa Maria near Luz-St Sauveur in France

By Andersen, Hans Christian – View of Florence

By Kafka, Franz – Two waiting

By Hesse, Hermann – Apple trees

By García Lorca, Federico – Portrait of Ana María Dalí wearing an Arbutus’ Headdress

By Hugo, Victor – Town beside a lake

By Tolkien, John R. R. – Landscape and manuscript

By Kafka, Franz – Depiction of several figures, one carrying a flag

By Andersen, Hans Christian – Young of countryside

By Proust, Marcel – Untitled drawing

By Hugo, Victor – Seated man holding a rod

By Baudelaire, Charles – Drawing dedicated to his friend Charles Asselineau

By Hesse, Hermann – Plants, flowers and houses

By Cocteau, Jean – Untitled

By Sand, George (Baroness Dudevant) – Self-portrait and portrait of Delacroix

By Hugo, Victor – Remembrance of the Siege of Paris

By Gomez de la Serna, Ramon – A picture of ‘Greguerías’


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